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Name: MaMa G

Born in Hamburg, Germany, MaMa G has been making music since 1999. He started with "Music 2000" on Playstation 1, cause there was no money for a real computer.
But Hip Hop wasn't G’s first genre, It was electro music. At the very beginning, G was working with pre-made melodies and drum loops.

It was a fluke that G realized that he could also compose by himself with this program. That was the moment G tried to compose everything he could on his own.
Eventually, G found some people who liked his style of music and the first project was born, though the quality was poor. The Playstation was linked with the TV and the Stereo and the music was recorded on cassettes and headphones, with the headphones being used as a mic, because they couldn't afford a real one.

But then G got his first chance to make music with a computer and that was the moment G began to work with real music programs, since then he has progressed.


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